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Carpet pad: Out of sight but no longer out of mind?

An overlooked product serves many important functions

It's not really much of a mystery why carpet pad doesn't have a high profile among consumers. It's a product that isn't visible, literally – it's hidden by another one for its entire lifespan, excluding the day it's installed and the day it's ripped up (or "uninstalled"). And, as they say, if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. But the lack of prominence is also strange, since every home that has carpet needs to have a foundation of support, an underlayment to give carpet its comfort and heft. Contributing to the problem is the way carpet pad is – or, more accurately, isn't – sold. To the extent consumers think of carpet pad at all, they assume that one type is available, and that it comes packaged with the carpet with no choice involved. Carpet sellers haven't been proactive in marketing quality carpet pad, and the reason might have to do with the understandable emphasis on carpeting, leaving pad in the shadows. Consumers choose carpet based on fabric, texture, color, thickness, and even more factors. After all the selling that goes into carpet, many salesmen are satisfied to offer the standard carpet pad. But carpet pad does matter. Under all of the feet that walk around on it, it has a greater effect on the comfort and feel of the carpet than the carpet itself.

And that's just the most obvious, tactile benefit. Carpet pad may benefit the consumer even more by the way it helps maintain the quality of carpet, saving its owners money in the long run. And the maintained quality is also reflected in its appearance. In research done by the Independent Textile Testing Service, tests were conducted in which a chair with a 150-pound weight was rolled repeatedly over different carpet-and-pad combinations. Repeatedly, as in 20,000 times! The results indicated that carpets with no pad had an average 19.3% loss in thickness versus just a 5-10% loss for carpets with pad. Consider that carpet is rarely replaced simply because it "wears out." It's usually changed because it loses its new appearance. But when pad can keep the thickness and height of carpet at a high level, the carpet will stay newer-looking for longer.

But long-term thickness is only part of the carpet pad story. Noise absorption is another of its gifts to the homeowner. While carpet on its own is a good noise absorber, pad is also instrumental in helping to maintain a quiet environment. Tests held by Kodaras Acoustical Laboratories using reverberation chambers indicated that when carpet is laid directly on concrete, a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.25 is achieved. But when carpet pad is also part of the equation, the Noise Reduction Coefficient Increases to 0.65, which is a considerable improvement.

Another benefit of carpet pad is increased thermal insulation properties. That is, heat doesn't readily travel through the pad. "R-value," which is the measurement of a material's resistance to heat flow, helps us quantify how well a carpet pad retains heat (or, in the case of hot months, cold air). The advantages of another layer of insulation in a home are obvious: lower heating and cooling costs, which translates to money saved.

So no, carpet pad isn't the sexiest product on the market. And few, if any, things in a home are used as much but thought of so little. But maybe carpet pad's time in the spotlight will yet come.

Do you know your
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Why carpet pad matters.
Do you know your carpet pad options?

All About Carpet Pad

Carpet pad doesn't get the marketplace attention it deserves. Few people talk about it. There just hasn't been enough education on how quality carpet pad is the source behind the comfort and added durability in your carpeting.

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What about the environmental impact?

All our pads qualify for LEED® building credits. And our bonded foam choices are 100% recyclable and made with 100% recycled materials. We're proud that our products have a minimal impact on the environment.

All Leggett & Platt carpet pad choices are environmentally friendly.